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As Long As I Make It To The Church On Time

As Long As I Make It To The Church On Time

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boot to the head
I woke up to a facebook post reminding me that I had totally forgotten about a friend's wedding today. A frantic search for the invitation ensued and confirmed that it hadn't happened yet, and that I might be able to actually make it all work with everything. So...here was my day:

Start with horn sectional for my ska band, but cut it short. It was highly productive, and got a lot of stuff cleaned up, as well as new tunes discussed.

High tail it to Santa Ana for the wedding, grab fast food along the way. I showed up 20 minutes late, but as it was a Catholic wedding, I missed little :P

Head to the Valley for the reception. Bail 45 minutes later to get to Redlands for a private student's honor band performance.

Arrive at honor band performance just after student's group has finished. Say hi to parents and kid anyway, and feel like an ass. Hear other groups do very, very well, including a great rendition of the first Holst suite by the high schoolers, and bump into a professor from college, who at 80 is working harder and doing more than most people a quarter of his age, and having a blast with it. He may (maybe) even be able to hook me up with a gig.

Along the way got an email saying that my printer could be here Monday.

So...overall, logistical issues aside, and granting that missing hearing my student play sucked, I shall mark this day as win.
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