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Big Decisions And A Big Show

Big Decisions And A Big Show

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boot to the head
2 rehearsals today, both of which involved a lot of talking and the potential for kicking out a band member. In the jazz group, my singer friend just doesn't have the jazz chops for this yet. Can she get there? Sure. But is she there yet? Noo...and so we'll be having a discussion sometime in the very near future involving a "please get your shit together" type conversation. In my band, we had a very productive band meeting...after our trombone player bailed without letting anyone know why until 10 minutes after rehearsal had started. That gets him an "in or out, and be all one way or the other" ultimatum as soon as I can get him on the phone. I'm not happy about it, but it's what needs to happen...the rest of the band is now all on the same page of seriousness, of commitment, of show and recording goals...we've decided not to fuck around anymore :)

And then there was my Christmas present-TMBG's 30th Anniversary show at UCLA. Man, what an awesome show...weird seeing the band I experienced my first mosh pit ever with sitting down, but great performances, great tunes, damn near all of Lincoln, the best rendition of Cowtown ever, a double encore, and a couple of signed CDs in my collection. Yes, it was totally worth it :D
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