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ComicCon Report Part The Fifth: Year's End, In A Slightly Different Way

ComicCon Report Part The Fifth: Year's End, In A Slightly Different Way

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boot to the head
Today, despite actually getting a full 8 hours of sleep, was still an exhausting blitz, and without a doubt the most packed and intense Sunday I've ever seen. I saw the voice actors panel, which included, aside from Gregg Berger (Grimlock, Duckman, and Odie!) and a bunch of people whose names I didn't know but work I definitely did, Chuck McCann, aka the Living Classy History Museum. The guy has been doing voices since he was 6, and is now 76; he's sharp as a tack, knows as much about technology as a lot of my friends, and is still as in love with what he does and who he gets it with as ever. He's also got a slagton of stories-I mean the guy worked with Mel Blanc, Frank Welker, basically everyone :) He had a great story about when Soupy Sales pulled his infamous "Go into your dad's wallet, pull out the little green pieces of paper, and mail them to me" bit, Chuck McCann had to sub for him and apologize on the air. Given that the two of them were good friends, neither really sat well with him, but he did it...he went on the air and said "I'm here to apologize to you. He made a terrible mistake...he didn't give the address! (followed by the address of course). He was a trip both there and in the business of voice acting panel, and I got to talk with him a bit after the first one. As one who has a similar love for what I do (or should be doing), it's so inspiring to see someone who has such passion for what they do and what they create, and who has the energy and sense to not stop evolving. His example of support for his coworkers is pretty neat too.

Sandwiched in between the two panels was the Ben 10/Generator Rex panel. There was a neat contest, mostly for the kiddies, of yelling out the different Ben 10 aliens, and while I wasn't thrilled conceptually, the Ben 10/Generator Rex crossover movie actually looks halfway decent (and it looks like they're doing it in a way that won't bonk continuity, which is nice). Plus Generator Rex seems like it's gonna get good in the next season, which is awesome...and after the panel I had another fanboy squee moment. I got to talk both to one of the Ben 10 story editors and Yuri Lowenthal, the voice of Ben 10, who was also really gracious and a very nice guy (and appreciative that I remembered him as a villain in the Wonder Woman comic radio play from last year's JMS panel :) ). There was also a fan with a seriously awesome Generator Rex costume, and on a random note I also bumped into the old lead singer for the ska band and his wife and kid, both of whom seem well.

There may have been some purchasing in the dealer room at the end. I may have acquired Masterpiece Hot Rod, reissue Sky Lynx, and 2 of the Hasbro ComicCon exclusives, including the Matrix with TF Prime Optimus Prime in it. I might also have acquired most of the new Darkwing Duck comics.

Oh, and I saw the creator of Paradigm Shift, who's always awesome.

It ended with seeing an old friend off, before he leaves for England. He'll do fine, and he's much better adjusted than he has been, but I'll still miss him when he's gone.

If I could walk as much every day as I have in the past 5, I'd be Not Goo in a month.

I didn't eat at the seafood place, or go up on the balcony this year, due to time concerns and dealer room rushings. And...I'm ok with it, I think. The year was another terrible one, but it's ended much better than it started. I've had job opportunities, dating possibilities, gigs, writing...For the first time in a long time I have real hope about the future, not just that which comes from my perpetual optimism. We'll see how it goes, but I'm looking forward to that which is gloriously unwritten.
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