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ComicCon Report Part The Third: Day 2, Day Of Badgeing

ComicCon Report Part The Third: Day 2, Day Of Badgeing

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boot to the head
Today was quite a bit more low key than yesterday (in parts) but not without its awesome. There was 2 hours to get my badge for next year, and then panels. I made it to the Black Panel, which was a memorial for Dwayne McDuffie this year, and I'm glad I did-I even got to share a little bit. Dwayne, in the little I knew him as a fanboy, was an amazingly classy individual and wonderfully friendly, in addition to being one of my favorite writers ever, and it was really an honor to be a part of remembering him, even if it was just jumping up to the mic as a fanboy.

I was shut out of both the Green Lantern Animated panel, and the Marv Wolfman panel.

Lunch was mediocre pizza.

I was not shut out of the Transformers panel, which talked about the history of the Transformers shows, and carried the announce (at least to me :P ) of a complete, properly subtitled DVD release of all of the Japanese G1 shows.

This is pretty awesome. Also, the gentleman who more or less runs Transformers at Hasbro is as big of a fanboy as the rest of us, Predacon tattoo on his shoulder and all. Truly, the inmates are running the asylum these days, which is why they seem to have figured out that good shows sell toys (FINALLY!). It shows in the work, to say the least :)

Dinner didn't happen until after the eve's events, which in this case was the nerdcore show. MC Frontalot and Zealous1 (who I knew) and Dr. Awkward and Megaran (who I did not), and all of whom were fucking leet. The music is alive and well, to say the least. Oh, and I made sure to slip business cards to all of them, just in case. No, I have no shame. Why do you ask? :)

Since I have my badge, I can sleep in until like...8 tomorrow. Scary, huh?
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