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ComicCon Report Part The Second: Day 1, Day Of Transformers

ComicCon Report Part The Second: Day 1, Day Of Transformers

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boot to the head
I was up at stupid o'clock, and it still wasn't enough Regging for next year is proving to be quite the clusterfuck, though noble in intent (to allow both the general public and show attendees to get access to preview night). Computers were down, lines were ridiculous, and the fandom complained :P

The main events for me though, aside from hanging with a friend for the first time in a year who's _finally_ coming out of the closet (to a great big sigh of apathy nigh exclusively, which is as it should be) and has a boyfriend now, and seeing the Kung Fu Night panel, was Transformers. Oh my gods, Transformers-3 panels today, with one more tomorrow. The comics will finally feature Punch-Counterpunch. The toys for Transformers: Prime look great. The Reveal The Shield and Generations stuff that got squished out of existence due to the movie toys will hopefully get some rerelease. And the show...my gods, the show. It's gone from being good to being really good, and it looks like it's gonna head towards great. They're gonna kill a major character, they've got season 2 done and season 3 in the works, there's gonna be morally ambiguous characters, exosuits, backstory, and at least one Beast Wars era voice actor as a guest, and as a really neat close to the show panel, as I walked out a guy noted that I'd mentioned a recent episode (Criss-Cross) as finally _really_ selling me on the show. He then said "Yeah, I wrote that". I squeed a bit and gushed some more, and I talked with him some about what he'd written and what he was doing, and it was really neat.

Oh, and I got to gripe to a Hasbro cat about them cancelling (hiatusing?) GI Joe: Renegades in favor of a sequel to the GI Joe movie. Wtf? He was surprisingly sympathetic :)
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