particle_mann (particle_mann) wrote,

ComicCon Report: Part The Preview Night (also, job interview)

The job interview was for a freshman only job-the high school is split between two campuses-which really doesn't thrill me, but the neighborhood is good, the administrators seem competent, and most importantly it's a job :) I don't expect anything, but it's an interview, so I can't complain.

Now...ComicCon. It's good to be home :) It's also changed a bit, some for the better (using much more of the adjoining hotels), and some for the worst (stupid next year reg policy, and a major fee increase for buying during the show). There was dinner with friends, there was seeing old friends, and there was my netbuddy playing exceedingly gracious host. If I don't pass out from exhaustion, it's gonna be a fun show :)
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